Big Data and Cloud Computing

Projects involving distributed computing on AWS (Amazon Web Services). Usage of the AWS and Hadoop ecosystem (Hive, Hue, Spark, S3, EC2) to handle and analyze large dataset.

Graph Data modeling

A three parts project for designing multi-transfers flights data using a Graph Database (Neo4j) and implentation of a multi-objectives shortest path algorithm.

Data Analytics

Various projects involving around analytics such as Topic and sentiment analysis using Twitter API, get hands-on Kaggle to learn Data Science, and analyzing flights data.


End-to-end IoT project using Android smartphone sensor data, Python gateway and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Web Scraping

Scraping specific contents from your favourite user on a website (like to learn language), or scraping missing lyrics by using API (MusixMatch).

Automation Script

Scripts to automate boring and time consuming tasks like downloading and renaming your most recent Google Drive photos.